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The Tatisa C. Joiner Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2008. Its primary mission is to Empower, Inspire and Encourage survivors to celebrate life by reducing the barriers in their treatment options. TCJF helps newly diagnosed women make informed healthcare decisions by being an advocate for them and identifying gaps in service delivery by offering viable solutions and options during their treatment plans.

Founder, Tatisa C. Joiner, was diagnosed in 2003 when her son was 8 months old. 19 years later Tatisa continues to thrive and bring vision to a culture that looks only skin deep. The removal of a breast has many challenges for a woman.

The Tatisa C. Joiner Foundation delivers the message that the breast does not define a woman and the Foundation is designed to redefine beauty to let every woman know that just because they may have lost their breast, they are no less of a woman. Their body is the shell that carries them through this life; it is their spirit that makes them who they are.

TCJF is a movement much more than the title suggests. Each day it is possible to change someone’s life. It is easy to reach out and your love?

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Empowering, Inspiring, and Encouraging Cancer Survivors to Celebrate Life

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Never could I have imagined the selfless outpouring of support and genuine love that embraced me immediately as I walk through this journey of recovery. The TCJ Foundation, cares about EVERY aspect of my wellbeing, it truly feels like receiving a warm bath for your Soul.❤❤

Adrienne UpChurch 

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